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Demonstrating a successful plan in practice: quick tips

"How do I make my plan work?"

One of the biggest questions we receive from practices is how do they ensure they have a successful practice plan and what steps they should take to guarantee their hard work pays off.
Well, the steps are actually pretty simple. Following our quick pointers below should see you on the right track to a successful plan:

  • Pricing - ensuring you're competitive against local plans from other vet practices is important, as is making sure the pricing is both fair on the practice and the client. We know how tricky it can be to get the right balance, which is why we can help plan your pricing for you.
  • Training - having a team behind the plan is the most important element. If you're staff aren't confident in what the plan offers & how to sell it, then your clients will never fully benefit. We offer training days prior to launch to make sure your staff are confident and ready to sign up your clients!
  • Promote - there's little point in having a practice plan if your clients aren't aware of it. We design and supply your marketing materials for you - individual to your practice colours and branding. From postcards, posters and even social media content - we support you through the entire process.
  • Choosing the right supplier - having the right service supplier running your plan is paramount. Being charged fairly for the service as well as receiving the best customer support should be top of the list. This is why we have dedicated account managers and a support team in place to offer everything you should need from a plan provider. It's the least you should expect.

For more tips, tricks & advice on running your own successful plan, why not get in touch today to see how we can help you plan grow.

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