Welcome to VetShare

Welcome to VetShare

VetShare is a buying group providing services to independent vets, animal charities and institutions within the veterinary sector. We’ve joined forces with businesses all over the UK to get discounts on essential veterinary products and services. And, thanks to VetShare’s low overheads, our management fees are affordable and transparent.

How Could VetShare Benefit You?

Phil Tricklebank, Partner, Hallam Vets

"Rachel from VetShare visited us at the start of 2018 and opened my eyes to the level of savings that we could make by switching from our old buying group to Vetshare. She and her team crunched all the numbers and illustrated savings in the region of £60,000 per annum by making a switch.

In addition, by advising we switch to some different generics Rachel outlined further savings in the region of £15,000. I couldn't quite believe the figures could be true, but I can confirm that after our first year with Vetshare those forecasts were accurate - the savings alone paid for building renovations and modernisation to part of the practice.

I wouldn't have any hesitation in recommending Vetshare Buying group to other practices."