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We’re very grateful to our members for their kind words and recommendations, which have helped our vet business group to grow – and we’re always delighted to hear when our hard work pays off.

If you have any questions or comments about our vet discount services, or any other matters, please tell us.

What our members say:

  • “Rachel from VetShare visited us at the start of 2018 and opened my eyes to the level of savings that we could make by switching from our old buying group to Vetshare. She and her team crunched all the numbers and illustrated savings in the region of £60,000 per annum by making a switch. In addition by advising we switch to some different generics Rachel outlined further savings in the region of £15,000. I couldn't quite believe the figures could be true, but I can confirm that after our first year with Vetshare those forecasts were accurate - the savings alone paid for building renovations and modernisation to part of the practice. I wouldn't have any hesitation in recommending Vetshare Buying group to other practices.”
    - Phil Tricklebank, Partner, Hallam Vets
  • “I joined the VetShare buying group in 2009 and have been delighted with the results. Like all vets I have a healthy suspicion of becoming locked into a scheme which may not meet expectations. I am happy to confirm that VetShare have not just met my expectations but exceeded them, and we are not 'locked' in. The fee for the service is a reasonable one, I spend less time negotiating discounts, and I am certainly better off. I would certainly recommend joining VetShare.”
    - Michael Morrow MRCVS, Wokingham
  • “May I just take this opportunity to say a massive big 'THANK YOU' to you, please. I think it is safe to say that in my few months in business, contacting you and becoming a VetShare member was with no doubt my best business move so far!!! Starting from the great discounts from pharmaceutical companies to companies like VETisco that I have just received my first orders from which I'm very pleased about. And now even the settlement discount with HS that I wouldn't otherwise be entitled to. And this all for very little return so far to yourself due to my rather small orders (which may change of course in the future...hopefully). I'm very grateful for this extra support that is well beyond my expectations! Thank you very much!”
    - Miriam Krause MRCVS, Scotland
  • “We are a small independent practice and have been a member of Vetshare since we started up 4 years ago as they were the only buying group interested in taking us on. In the last year alone our rebate has risen 3% and this is without even looking for the drugs with the best deal. We are very happy with their personal service, and don't feel we could get close to these rebates if we tried to negotiate them individually. Thank you Vetshare!”
    - Paula Bailey BSc BVSc MRCVS, Warwick

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