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New supplier partner - OurVet.Shop

We are always looking to find supplier partners and solutions to help our members; whether that is through discounts to help you save money or via new partnerships with services that we feel will bring a real benefit to our members.

That is why we have partnered with OurVet.Shop - a new home delivery service with a difference. Brought to you from the team behind iRecall, this system allows you to use any products from any manufacturer as it is not partnered or affiliated with a particular scheme; allowing you complete freedom to include any products you wish to offer to clients.

This is an excellent way to get your parasiticides delivered direct to the customer, no matter which product they use, and we are delighted to share that MiPet products will also be included and available to be dispatched from OurVet.Shop's current wholesaler partner NVS (don’t worry if NVS are not your primary wholesaler, you can set up a secondary account just for this - and it can also be used for additional orders when your normal wholesaler is out of stock!).

MiPet products do remain exclusive to members but NVS will facilitate the delivery to your clients, on your behalf. Just like any other parasiticides you choose, these will be invoiced directly from NVS. This does mean that due to NVS handling costs they will not be included in FairShare, but the list price will remain the same.

This service is available to every practice no matter which practice management system is used, or which pet health plan provider you're with. We're delighted to partner with a platform that can offer MiPet products in a delivery form just like other brands, whilst still maintaining the exclusivity of the products to our associated practices. It also gives you full control over product pricing, delivery costs for clients and how you want to manage health plan clients.

Please note the MiPet parasiticides are also available in the VetsDeliver direct to customer programme ran by MSD.

To find out more, please speak with their team on 0208 123 3965 or

Further information can also be found on their VetShare member portal page.

We are looking to hold a VetShare member webinar to demonstrate the system with the OurVet.Shop team. More information on that to follow.

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