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Human pharma savings for VetShare

When the requirement for human medicines presents itself, the majority of vet practices will buy through their wholesaler for ease and simplicity. But how much is that ease costing you?

Veenak Veterinary Supplies is a leading supplier that specializes in supplying human medicines at highly competitive prices. Veenak has been working with VetShare members for a while now and the savings it has brought has been significant.

It can sometimes be tricky to convert staff members in practice to change the way they order or implement a new step, especially if multiple people are responsible for ordering. However, the cash difference it can make to the practice is evident.

Even on the few short lines of products above, it’s clear to see just how much can be saved from changing where you source your human medicines from.

Veenak has an easy to use ordering portal; with free 24-48 hr delivery on orders over £30 (under £30 incurs a £4.00 delivery charge).

As an extra VetShare member benefit, you receive 7.5% discount off invoice.

If you are not currently using Veenak for your human pharma needs and would like to know more, please click on the ‘show your interest’ link below. We can look at your purchases, identify savings, and refer you to Veenak to register an account.

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