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The veterinary world is never a quiet one – and we like to keep you in the know about the latest developments at VetShare; as well as other animal care issues.

Celebrating the big 70!

VetShare has now passed 70 associated suppliers; all offering enhanced discounts and terms for being a VetShare member. Read more...

Demonstrating a successful plan in practice: quick tips

"How do I make my plan work?"

One of the biggest questions we receive from practices is how do they ensure they have a successful practice plan and what steps they should take to guarantee their hard work pays off.


We're recruiting! Recommend a friend for your chance to win

We're recruiting for a new account manager to cover the South East. Read more...

A new option for laboratory services - exclusive to VetShare members!

Dear Members,

Following changes to the way discounts are dealt with by a leading laboratory, we have looked at other options for our members as we feel the revised structure will not benefit all of our members in the same way.